N O R T H  the project

N O R T H  is the current music and art project by   P O E T R Y  G I R L / Marianna Geraci.


In these stormy, unsettling times the structures of the world as we knew it, are slowly falling apart. What we thought was real and solid appears to be not. What we thought was good for us has turned out to be quite the opposite.


When you are in a storm how do you find your way through?

You should want to find yourself in the centre of it, staying close to the compass of your heart.


Holding the line of what you feel is right. Keeping the flame alive when the lights around are dim.

All compasses point at the north as an invisible sense of direction through the challenging unknown.


''The north with its vast void is not a place of emotional warmth or pleasure. It is the place of the hermit and detachment from earthly existence.

It's not bound to matter or the body, but it's a place of the soul.

It can give you the capacity to see through appearances. And brings peace and clarity.'' Shamanic rituals, Daan van Kemphout


This project is about change and finding a new anchor.

And creating a better world for all of us.

N O R T H  the music:

N O R T H some final words

NORTH 2021-2022

January 2023


As I stand here, facing the North in the open fields, I deeply feel we are always held by it:


The North-

Place of silence.

Of homecoming, of detachment, the place of death and birth, the zero-point, the place of nothing and everything.


"Feel included in the field of the earth.

Feel how the loving energies in this, ultimately drive everything: they are the energies of power. Energies of fear only have limited power. Energies of love are infinitely stronger, for they are grounded in life itself: in truth, in eternity. Trust that flow and surrender to it''

 From: Towards a new era

by Pamela Kribbe